4 Words.

What words could I come up with that could describe such an event. 

First topic word that dives right in is the word: "Baby"- which is pervasively overused, overthrown, overrated. The word "Being"- hmm... getting closer. "Human"- hot diggity dog, I think we are there. "Human Being"- sounds closer to what I might, hopefully, try my hardest to convey out of the ordinary mind, ordinary vocabulary and ordinary perceptions I own. 

Next word, "birth." Hmm... You might be asking yourself, where am I going with this? Well, you'll see. But how in the world can I describe such a rare occurrence that has tremendously, outrageously, enormously impacts YOU, ME, WE, HIM, HER, EVERYONE. 

Next word, "Man." One single man. As this story continues to unfold itself somehow and in someway, you and I will speculate the amounting importance of which I'm attempting to describe. Not anyone have I met has given me the same understanding or the same perception as I am about to say to you now.

Next word, "Woman." One single woman. Without this word, my story could be nothing, nada, dismissed as incomplete and sadly deteriorate this significant importance at which I'm about to describe. However you see this play out, know this word is the start of continual flow of life. 

Next word, love. One single love. The words are getting somewhere, ya? "Love" what a WORD ya? Could mean so much and yet so little. However, doesn't life start with this word, or that's what we want to think right? For some it does and others not so much. Love has so many meanings, but we shall only start with ONE in today's topic and that is the ACTUAL meaning of love. We aren't fiddle faddling with such a word and we don't want to complicate this. Simple love. Now let's get to it- the meaning of love... You're probably wondering how the heck is this woman going to put one meaning into that word that we commonly call "love" and what in the world would it be? Well, with my ordinary mind and ordinary adjectives to describe such a thing, I will try my hardest. Describing such an important word should be simple right? Is she going to get with it or are we going around in circles... here we go... you ready? I am. Finally. Right now. Here I go.... simply devoting oneself into the arms of another. Woah nelly, now that sure could mean many different things. Too general. 

Judge it. 

Sure I've judged it for myself and it sure sounds like a lot of bull caca. When you read that meaning, my meaning, a meaning that has been judged by you and I, you imagined it. You imagined the love you've seen in your own life and related it to that sentence mentioned above. 


This simple but yet profound word can cause much turmoil or something so much more than you could ever imagine.... a baby. Human being. The word "baby" seems like a creature from another world brought here to dwell with us. But the word, "Human Being", well that is something we all can relate to, right? I hope. Unless you're reading this as a dog. A very smart one at that. Nope, an ingenious dog. Nope, nope, nope this dog doesn't exist at all. Let's just move on shall we? Move on very quickly from that nonsense of a tangent. Okay, we are back on track, here we GO! ....Dog... 


Man. Woman. Love. Human Being. Two people, being that of the two most important people on earth has created such a feeling within themselves to express it outwardly; physically. However, many of these two peoples in this world express outwardly without ever catching a glimpse of such described Love. Therefore, blanking out such a word we call love causes that, before mentioned, turmoil, leaving those two peoples missing what longs to be glimpsed. Why not GO fast, skip love, and get right to the pleasure, temporary pleasure and be done with it? Let's ditch out further sentencing, get downright and dirty, head straight for what I feel are worthy words to describe it; fast, skipped, wasted, thorns, dull, forgetful, unforgiving, feelingless, grey, fragile, breakable, thirst, tampered, stale cracker, longing, damn dog. What lay ahead of them? Nothing. A last forgetting memory. 

Fruitful, bright, colorful, satisfied, felt, touched, tasted, unforgettable, unbreakable, bloom, comfortable, confident, joyous, simple and yet complex- each word and each meaning feeds itself into the word we call LOVE. What beauty it holds and what incomprehensible mystery that can surround a Man & a Woman. Yet so simple and so plain to the eye, but momentous and profound emotions lay within.

With such love comes all unimaginable wonders of life; Sincere and genuine Happiness and the continuation of life! However, To fulfill and maintain such devotion of ACTUAL love, care and nurture should be the main ingredients with some of that stale cracker... NOPE... no stale crackers should be added in this phenomenal meal of love. 

Creation of love has an enormous side effect, which results in the creation of life here on earth. No, I'm not talking about watching your love fern grow together. What am I talking about?

Baby. Nope. 


Human Being! 

The creation of a single celled organism inside of a woman's body put there by a male. Reminds me of the Aliens movie. What disrespectful comment is that? Well I'm a disrespectful person, so there's that. 
The cell begins to flourish into... science... not going to explain more, because I won't know what I'm talking about. That's for other science literature to explain. 

What I know is that scientific cell of an organism goes through unique and miraculous processes to create one of us! Of course, in a miniature form. What work! What pain! What process! What miracle! What love! We must've been subsequently important to begin our individual life on planet earth to go through such a process as that. But why don't we feel important with our own existence? 

Maybe it has some part in what I like to call, the "worlds conditioning." We may not recognize it, but subconsciously we may be conditioned through all that we experience within our backgrounds to think the way we do about ourselves, our life and who we want to become. Now realizing that we've changed the subject entirely to something I wasn't planning on writing, we will continue our lovely story about vaginal birthing... ha! Nope, that's not where I was heading. Not at all. 


On June 3rd, 2016, I posted a thought, revelation, passage, new perspective (however you call it) after becoming a beginner at motherhood. I wanted to share it within this as it relates to our topic. 

Here it begins....

"I felt like this needed to be said. The end. 

I have a new profound love for many different mothers! Before and after having a child, I have noticed that motherhood in today's society has been degraded, looked at as miniscual, not as important, not miraculous, not beautiful, time consuming, not successful, not purposeful or even looked down upon. I can tell you that these opinions, perceptions and misunderstandings are far off from the reality of what really goes on in the heart of a mother and the heart of her child. Three words to come close to it- beautiful, peaceful and unbelievable. 

To those that are striving to be mothers someday, I applaud you for your ever-increasing strength and boundless hope. 

To those who take upon themselves to love others who are not of the same blood, you are truly God-sent. Whether this love is expressed through friendships, relatives, people within your employment, adoption, foster care, strangers, etc... 

Women are unbelievably strong and their capabilities are endless!"

Mothers are an important part of love as it is shared between her husband and newly built Human Being. 

Random Side note- As a reminder, love is only truly upheld by the act of continual nurturing and sincere dedication with an eye single to the task without deviation of any kind. Although, we are equip with humanly qualities such as fragility, unique weaknesses, mortality, luring temptations from the bad man/ thing/ whatever it is downstairs, complete agency of our thoughts, desires and actions, we can fall into the cycling of deviating courses. Therefore, Results are found under unhappy consequences. Reconstructing ourselves to love again sincerely with complete dedication, continual nurturing and an eye single, then results are found under happy consequences. Once deviated, then harder it becomes to recommit. However, It is truly possible to recommit oneself and it can facilitate a stronger control/hold on our future choices. Deviate = BIG no no // Maintain = BIG yes yes // Deviated? = Recommit Hard. 

Sometimes, most times, actually lets rephrase to ALL times, difficulties encourages growth with the right step forward. Now put your best step forward.
- Random side note end. 

Man is key to designing LIFE. Without man, you and I wouldn't be here... reading this... now we all know this! However, let's dig a little deeper until we find some gold, stale crackers and that dam dog.

Without man, there wouldn't be balance. Both man and woman bring together a balance of steady and strong qualities that the world needs, but not necessarily craves! This world is full of imperfection, but with one man and one woman surrounding themselves with actual truthful love, will refine and balance the inequalities and discrepancies that holds dear to the world. Without man, the balance is shifted and the refinery process halts; Inequality breaks loose and problems spread like a virus. Men without women and women without men creates delusions or distorted imaginations of happiness. If once enjoyed, such distorted "happiness" will last for only a season; meaning temporary. The ending results in dissatisfaction and the "happiness" distortion becomes needful, wanting more and more to fill the void, which now becomes an addiction or in other words, a never ending cycle of the temporary "happiness" continuum. That void is love. The Grass is dead on the other side. Voiding love kills man and woman internally and rejects the fundamental frame of continuing life! Man holds key, woman is lock, together opens an eye single to undeviated happiness. 

This planet is a habitat for the survival of human races, generations of worn survivors, lifetime dwellers which seek after meaning and heavenly visitors from far away places. We call this earth. We call this life. We call this us. 

How does it start? 

Human Being. 

The creation of it all equates into love. 

- SS