What I am to You...

What am I to you... 

So here I go under and over I'll find my way as a hunter to discover what my life has been longing to uncover. 

Every diaper I change, every kiss I give, every word I say, every tone I set, every sound I make, every smile I muster, every hold I cherish seems incredibly minuscule, but to him it is an orchestra playing, it is the world turning, it is the sun shining, it is the lightning striking, it is the mountains rumbling, it is the waters rushing and the winds blowing. 

To him, I am his everything and everything he is to me. Son is what we call you to and fro, however you are much more to me than you know. You are my flower to my stem, the water to my cloud, the wave to my ocean, the pebble to my sand, the fire to my sticks, the tornado to my wind and the baby to my heart. 

It's been a whirlwind of finding the importance in me, but to you I am everything you want me to be. Be my baby forever and together I'll be your mama forever more


In connection with upcoming Mother's Day.