Bye Bye Birdie

fly... FLY! Fly away my birdie

Don't stay too long,
for you won't defeat what's to come. 

Come come come what may, 
for it won't delay its longing wait. 

Show your presence life; he's here to fight.
Fight what may come in the dark of the night! 

Fly fly away my birdie for tomorrow is anew.
It won't be too long until you're in our shoes. 

Fly with me once more 
for this memory will I forever adore

Flee from this, you see!
Today, you'll grasp the air under your wings!

Fiddle your wings with a wishful flight no more.
Today is your day to soar with your GREAT light right out our front door.

Be gone! You're free! 
But while you're high up in the air will you look back to think of me?

I love you my baby oh birdie. 
I'll be right with you sturdy, oh so sturdy

Happy will abide, 
For Fear won't have your stride! 

Clutch strength, Fetch courage and Touch love all high above.

Fly fly away my baby oh birdie.

Come back to me one day with a gentle kiss before I slip, slip away. 

Sweet birdie oh baby of mine, don't worry for I will be there as you fly
Love you sweet birdie oh birdie! 
Tonight you're mine for one more night as I sing to you one more sweetheart lullaby