Say Say I Don't Know What to Say

Say say I don't know what to say.

Think think I don't know what to think.

Believe believe I don't know what to believe. 

Where is reality? Where is fiction? 
I am lost with the repetition. 

Fake or Real I don't know which, but I must say that I won't be able to turn the switch. 
On off on off, which is which, up down all around, side to side, in and out, I'm telling you now I'm everywhere in a blink of a glitch. 

Broken I might be, 
Weakened I am indeed. 

Sweetened with the apparel of confusion, 
but don't side in to this delusion. 

Coat me in feathers; I'll fly away. 
Fly away to our majesty above, so I must not delay

Promise me to Caress my broken. Smooth over my weakened. 
Fix me without a token. 

My eyes were wroth with black steam from below. 
Now that my eyes are open I see my foe. 

He snares, he bites, he gets loosed in the night. 
Fear ye, fear ye, for He snags onto the weak for delusions are his feat.

Hides so softly and yet strongly within minds.
I noticed not while I was in that bind. 

Bind came soft and strong. How could I know? 
Give me soft, give me strong, For I will come back to my delusion and fight him with a blow.

Up and down all around, I was. Side to side, I realized. On and off, where was I.
There HE IS, I recognize him now in his lie

Soft and strong I snuck up behind him. 
Soft and strong I took away his grin. 

So sad, so grim. 
I left him there in the dim. 

"Command ye, Command ye, 
Hear me now. Hear me douse.
Douse you with my every ounce.

Blind was I, I didn't see you near, 
but I see thee now with an eye without fear.

You'll always be there watching from afar,
Know that I'll fight you with my own sting of dark.

Fear ye, Fear ye, 
I am here to be feared.

You won't confuse within an illusion 
have me with your snaring oppression. 

Sweetened with the grace from thee. 
I am no longer broken, for now I have been freed."

Say say I know what to say. 
Think think I know what to think.

Believe believe I know what to believe. 

Where is reality? Where is fiction? 
This is my depiction.