What's That Word I'm Looking For?

Feline wrangler 
Teeter tooder tooter 
Gangstum gangler 
Horsey Weasler 
Danger fromper 

Lumping piles of pew 
Find and shout that's what I'm all about 
Shove and shew let's make some stew 

Feline ruff I'm jagged like a scruff 
Dang dagget docker let's fight to the death motha fluffer ;)
Whither me go from down under below 
I'm already ahead of you my little dangly foe 

Petie piper pit I'm eating my dinner with your wit
Feaster tender tush I want your foot in my mush
Tiny ting tong I'm going to sing this song
Song? Song? How could this ever go so wrong?

Whine down wine down before we make a frown 

Dedder doddler booty dasher let's go FASTER...

Jop jop up down all around gopper stopper oh my lovely grasshopper 
feline RUFF 
This is getting tough! 

High five high foo yum yum yum 
Let's have some gum 

Chew chewner feline high fiver let's go wring out some plums 

Speedle juice speedle juice speedle juice I've come for YOU my little sploosh! Let's shake up some juice and see what comes loose.

Loosey loosey I want some of your oh for sizzle doozy
Let's hear what you get to choosy.

Make your end to this blend 

Blender me Chisel before I come at you with my...


space kitty