A.abilities not D.damaged or H.halfhearted, but D.distracted

ADHD can you hear me? 
I'm here, I'm there.
I'm everywhere.

Keep me close, I'll pull away. 
Oh dear; I'm hot, I'm cold, 
I'm all of the above without the below. 

Never in the middle, 
Extreme high, Extreme low. 
What am I now? 
I don't know. 

Mind flashes in which speed I know not. 
Be in my shoes for a second you will see it's not my fault.

Moving is my own. Moving is what I own. 
I move to my own beat too fast or too slow
with no middle flow. 

Give me a fidget. 
Fidget I do like you a lot. 
Speed up, slow down, nourish me well with some sound.

Quiet is too quiet. Sound is sound. 
For without my ears, 
I'm without being unclear.

Clarity, clarity I know not such a thing!
Mush of thoughts gives me the sting. 
Sting of doubt. Sting of flout. Sting of my own weakened shout.  
Stillness flows freely in the air of others. 
However, crackling blows in the face of my own bother.

Overwhelming distaste 
of crackling pure waste.

I put my head in the clouds to think of nothing,
but my own doubts. 
Waste, I tell you, crackling waste 
with pure staining distaste. 

Look at me once; you'll look at me twice. I'm not odd you see, but maybe I am. oh dear, how could this be. 

One to three I'm up without a down, 
I'm everywhere where there's sound. 
I'm down without an up,
I'm everywhere where there's no luck. 

Fetch your own understanding to the glimpse of my own confounding. 

Stretch to take my hand, I'll stretch to take yours, lose hold and fall from where I lose control. 

So sad. I'm not. 

My own is my own. Defeat is my defeat. Alone I will be till the night ends to switch up the heat. 

Hot cold, go, go, go, shoot off the firecracker, where's my status quo!

Sputter me random, hyper goes ransom 

spew out confusion 
clutter with distraction 
focus with fixation 

Keep it going. Keep it going. 
I need to stop.