Rugged Are We

Rugged are we in such a place.

Unfortunately we should be erased by those that care not for our taste.

Withered and wondered we are viewed by many, 
because we haven't had the chance to dance together,

We don't dance on the world with thunder, 
but rather we are viewed from beneath and under.

Rashes like weeds we spread to tread our feet.
We run, we skip, we jump high to find what we most want in this life.

Climb! I'll climb for without this rhyme
we are still nothing until we make a dime. 

I'll go, I'll go, for now we go!
For without us, you'll know what we sew. 

Miss me goodnight, kiss me I'll be alright. 
You'll awake tomorrow with a new day. 
Unfortunately, you will find I have not stayed.

Put on your mask and 
Sharpen me with some glass.

Satisfy you not! I could not be your twin, 
I'm sorry I've disappointed, now that you are without a grin.

Change me, change me, what will you see? 
Something you'll like or something you'll be displeased. 

Trees oh grow so far up into that color changing sky.
For as a tree I teeter and totter not that high.

From below I look up to see your glance 
with your oh so powerful stance. 

Wonder and awe has taken me too far, 
so I've sunk down farther hereunder your foliage in the dark.

Sit down, lay down, 
I'm here below tired and exhausted from comparing myself so. 

BUT WAIT! The conclusion is better than this fate!

Mirage, illusion oh what could be a sweet delusion! 
Brightening me from above?

Amongst the luscious foliage a spark of sunshine flowing down upon me. 

Warmth I feel, I close my eyes and count to ten 
I'm above thee now with my roots found solid into this glen. 

Dash! I must've dashed up there 
with the sun's unexpected growth of repair

How little did I know? I'm loved from up here and from down below. 
No matter where I am I was caught by the sun's ever changing glow.  

Oh sun shining glow- how could you love me so? 

Beam me up to your glorious bounteous ray.
How could I ever repay? 

Me, Me, Me so different you see, 
but I'll promise to be downright good for thee 

Judge will be their dredge 

Beautifully anew will feast upon YOU, 
only if YOU let the sun shining grace be within YOUR view!