Tackle, Poop, Feast? oh heck title, you don't own me

It has become apparent to me that it is fascinatingly not hard to become lonely. 

Cause? Ourselves or the implications of others. 

Let's lean more towards the latter; the implications and actions of others or rather the lack there of. 

Taking action does not appear to be present, willingness is left dead, dissolving selflessness, and the less joy among many in seeking to achieve happiness in others should be a cause of great concern in our day to day lifestyle.

"What's in it for me?" Mentality:
Self-gratification appears to be present as well as self absorption and lastly, but not ever so least- the overactive self-fulfillment, has overtaken many nurturing qualities of human beings. 

Resulting in many lonely people satisfying themselves through other's eyes. 

Dying? Yes. 
Slowly? Yes. 

Happiness in giving others LOVE is slowly dying in our society

A young woman once said, "tackling each other with love rather than comparison and competition might end the defeat of tackling true happiness." 

Feast on serving others rather than feasting on ourselves! You might enjoy what comes out with what you put in; effort + sincerity = humility + guzzling happiness in all it's guzzling satisfying ways. 

Opposition in all things may not be all that bad... Maybe?
Feel lonely? 
- DO* the opposite of what loneliness is making you do/feel. Ask yourself, "What's the opposite of loneliness?" And freaking DO IT. 
Feel depressed? 
- DO* the opposite of what depression makes you do. 
- Do what satisfies you
- 20 jumping jacks NOW
- Drink water or Simply Lemonade w/blueberry 
Need to poop? 
- Poop 💩 but only in the toilet 

Re-wire yourself, Push yourself and be in control of yourself! 

(Suzy Disclaimer: one of many unmentioned strategies)