Mother in the Hallway

There's mother in the hallway in the dead of this night. 
Sleep won't keep up it's enduring fight. 

The choice is real, the choice is strong. 
For sleep won't take her weary eyes down for long.

Tinkering clocks ticker in the background, winding down the hour 
until he ends his solemn cower.

There's mother in the night,
where the moon shines it's magical light. 

Brisk winds blow to and fro
on the other side of her ice tingling windows. 

Give her a push, give her a pull, 
she will once find her sweet oh so satisfying lull. 

Mother, you there? 
Hallway is waiting oh so quietly for your presence lurking with so much ware.

From bed to toes to walking in those,
head straight to the hallway as fast as she chose. 

With care, with love, she's sent from above, 
no words to express the commitment that roves.

There's mother in the hallway heading your way
to rock you once more before comes the day.

There you see! No you won't! Because in the dark of this night, oh so powerful love flows to and fro, from beneath and over, from side to side with mother wrestling the sleep from her weary eyes 👀 no one ever sees, but only dreams within this night.

Her focus, her strength, she gets up on her feet to kick her sleep goodbye another oh so sleepy time. 

Oh so simple. But oh so powerful. 

Ever so quiet, ever so undisturbed, ever so hidden the feel of love feels. 

In the dark of the silence where sleep took many, you might find mother in the hallway all so Ready. 

Years go by, times such as these are forgotten, new times dwell. However, costs add up to be spent on a forever worth saving.