An explorer I have never known

An explorer I have never known. 
Waddles to & fro with only two feet to go.

Swift & jetting he takes off with only one betting. 
Bet he'll Boom from the right.
Bet he'll Boom from the left. 

Which way he turned? No one knows. 

Frantic, but steady. 
Crazed, but focused. 
Racing and sweaty. 
Heated and ready. 

Lost, you were! 
Under my arms, where I'll never lose focus or see you blur. 

Squeezed a hug & squished a kiss-
these are long lasting, For these will always exist. 

I let you down from my arms, you go,
with all hopes to not make you frown, all the while you grow.

Get on your feet, let's do this again!
However without that ever so frantic craze I dare not to repeat!