darling foe

Jealousy rots the soul,
for without one it is untold. 

Bring out the barrier to knock down the warier.   

My darling foe, your left with all your woe. 
So dreadful was the sight of your never ending fight. 

Down pushed up without a single ounce of love. 
Despite me? You shall, with every mourning your heart tells. 

Darling foe, why do you not love me so?
I can be gone in a flash, I can dash right out the front door from our ever so growing clash. 

But in your mind you say, "don't go, don't leave, I'd love someone to end my fate with my only lover of hate" 

Fixed and shut, you becometh. 
Found out once you're griping to a song. 
Found out twice you're lingering to a wrong. 
Found out thrice you've been blind for too long. 

Oh my darling foe, why don't you ditch this mess that forsakes your best. 

Ghostly apparel that you flaunt as you dance to your own horrifying haunt.  

Sink down no more, 
I've forgiven you without a sore.

Although I feel down without a crime,
I feel sorry that you've delighted in my grime.

Get up, stand up to the song you're about to sing. 
Accept my broken and move on to be awoken. 

Darling foe, don't you see what you sow. 

Guilt can be built within you to burn in the night. 
While limp as you are is quite an impeccable foresight. 

Dancing with the wolves that snare at your feet,
which gives you an implicit fear of your gifts of such heat. 

Dig up the rotting roots that you grown so fiercefully & purposefully into the cold dark ground. 

Root to rot. Rot to root.
You've given your life to gain only soot.