problems I see among others

Perceptions of Imperfections blind beauty and disable potential futurity 

Possessions of want verses need infect us all to deceive and to thrall 

Comparing is all too common, from our hair down to our toes, unleashing definite & undeserving new lows 

Attention, attention give me all the attention, but what about that elderly man dying over there without any mention 

Better than best, We must achieve a perception of success. Bow down, He's great; He's better than the rest. 

Pushed down, knocked down, let's keep on our judging. He's different from me, so let's keep on our drudging. 

Busy busy bumble bee, gotta work, gotta flee. Slow down, Wind down; those words aren't for me. Tired, oh so tired I will soon come to be. 

Too comfy is how I made this bed. Consequently, I must stay here until the clock runs dead.

Good, good I've been too good. For not too long, I won't be where I stood. 

Change me once, change me twice, you will soon learn I will change for myself in a trice!

Negatives, oh so many negatives flying forwards and backwards in the mind of a sad man who brought down many more with him, in his own demand 

Heavy, it's too heavy with all that I bear. What do I do to release all my wear?