Gusty winds are blowing me timber.
Leaves blowing in the wind without their slumber.

Dust to blow. Blow to dust. 
It's gotta blow without a must. 

Rustle me leaves. Rustle me trees. 

Wiggling leaves. Wiggling trees. 
Prune up and scatter those oh so earthly seeds. 

Hear you. I see you. 
Wind oh wind I much adore you. 

Pick me up, fly me up, to wherever you please. 
Free and wondering, I'm with you now. 
Waving to and fro without a down.

Sing that blustery, winding roar you give off so freely that I do much adore. 

Move me with some sound. I'm free below and I'm free above. 
Beauty to taste and my desire to crave is the wind that comes and goes to pick me up by the waist. 

Free and wondering I'm up above without a sound, 
only the one I hear is the wind from beneath me soaring so loud. 

Give me away to the winds that carry me to the moon. 
Without my wind, I'm left down on the ground so alone with much gloom. 

Blow me away from the cares of today, 
for I'm more than I thought any other kind of way. 

Knocked down, pushed down, 
I'm away from the troubles of the world's sorrowful displeasure. 

I'm freed to be with the peace I've uncovered and longed to keep within me forever. 

Soaring, winding, roaring blow;
I must've forgotten that lasting peace dwells within the flow. 

Flow to and fro, winding me without the woe 
to the next place I've forgotten for so long.