How do we do what we do

Life is terribly indecisive and vows to increase the likelihood of harm, danger and unprecedented accidents to those who are of increasing innocence and of undeserving character. 

Although life shifts to make it's own way in our lives, we have to go along with it, without our want or desire. 

Pain is impeccable and yet imperative to our existence. Without it, we are highly unlikely to excite fundamental happiness. 

We can go through life looking forward to the next big fallout or we can dig deep in accepting the woes, imperfections and impeccable consequences of living, all while we continue to move forward with impeccable force and courage for enjoyment with our future unknown and undesirably mysterious. Perception changed.

No. How and why could I be happy when others are not?

How. How. How. 

I know it's their own trial, but I feel apart of it. Feeling even worse with every worry my frail body could possibly muster. Worry for them. Worry for myself. Worry for our future. 

Fear completely resides.

And it doesn't let go. It stays. 
For a long good time. 

 How are we supposed to survive on this planet without knowing what could happen to us? 

Fear holds on.

And it doesn't let go. It stays. 
For a good long time.

What should we do? How should we prepare? What are the solutions to these unforeseen outcomes?

Fear quietly slows. 

It releases... finally. Let's go and dies out with one single thought.

That sun and that moon still shines through it all. Never dies out and never hides it's light. 

Hope. Stillness. Peace.

The realization that no matter what happens to us... that moon still shines... that sun still gleams... looking down upon us with it's never ending light, that never ending stillness and that never ending peace...

as if it were God.