Eyes wide open

Depression, anxiety, ptsd, you name it; we've got it! Maybe not everyone, but once recognized for some, it can be surprising & eye opening. Although, all may attend to these experiences at different times of their individual lives and for however long it may last; it's sure hardly easy. 

Being human is damn sure hard! From physical pain to mental disparities, the human experience seems frustratingly and hauntingly fragile. 

Dark, it may seem. Hazardous, for some. Intensified, for all! 

Although, experiences may come & go, the intensity of feelings, during at which point felt, can ignite alteration within oneself for the good, down the road; Whether the alteration may be noticed or not. 

Weaker, we may perceive. 

But what a lie! Perception has the power to lie. 

We were made to be stronger, but in order for such desired quality to be manifested we must go through the hard and come out refined for length of time it takes. 

Life can be perceived miserable or it can  be perceived as persevered, endured and refined. 

Know that the darkness will, one day, finally turn into light.