random levity

Risky waves send out from below as the tide moves ever so speedily with more force to go

Lightning that strikes the quaking ground for a little time too late 

Wind roar fierce-fully through the ever breaking air that never stills in a single moment in which it all declares

Fast freighter screams to a halt as it lets out a steam to soothe it’s own fault 

Rain finishes it’s pour, wetting the grass in which it adores

Smack down, lay down upon this ground, snow falls without a sound

Winding up and down these streets that rumble within this washed out concrete jungle 

Forget the chatter within such beautiful mind, remember the flutter within those wings that has always taken such a magnificent flight 

Wings to reach the stars, touching ever so softly and ever so raw, stretching out before you to grasp it all 

Flick the shattering hail that falls before you, because within a blink of an eye the sun forgets such of it’s trouble with it’s skys oh so satisfyingly blue

Love you once, love you twice, it doesn’t matter how much I’ve forgotten it’s how much I’ve loved you out of your rotten 

Tangerine, tangerine you’re green before you’re orange, it’s a color changing delight to see you in your fight 

Fight to be perfectly round, fight to be orange as orange can become, fight to be tastefully delicious and smooth all over from the single touch to the stretched grin 

Find once more the beauty in the small before what befalls 

Find once more the power in the kind before madness defeats you in the night 

Find once more the truth from error before confusion strikes you at your terror 

Find once more the calmness and stillness that may reside within you before it creates a storm of a dreadful brew

Find once more the feelings of humility before your mind completes it’s tastefully deed of becoming increasingly too ripe in it’s own debility

Shake off the dirt from under your toes to wakefully enlighten the tread on your own stepping stones 

Break off the sweat that drains from your pores to increase spontaneity and purpose in our own fashion of a misunderstood circus

Find wellness in suffering for the hour is to come when all will be well soon once again

Believe in what you know because what you know is what you become in the every hour, minute, second you so humanly grow