Although I may be a speck in his wind, I’ll be the force that drives it.

Although I may be the concrete wall that hides him from the unknown, I’ll be the surrendering grace in which he’ll grow. 

Although I may be the weed amongst the showy flowers, I’ll be the foundation for heavenly power. 

Although I may be the stone he steps on to get to where he needs to be, I’ll be a mountain for him to climb, overlook and see. 

Although I may be as direct as the sails in which way they float, I’ll be that guide within the boat. 

Although I may be delicate as a rose in a hurricane so feirce, I’ll be among the sound of the rolling thunder within your ears to pierce.  

Although I may be weak and falter at my knees, I’ll become within your ever closer humanly reach.

Although I may be not understood within the present, I’ll be your reminder of truth and light like that crescent. 

Although I may be within the shadows, I’ll be near you to bear with you all that you sough. 

I exist. 

I am your mother through everything; in the darkest of nights and the joyous of days. 

Focus on the joy for that is what carries forwards, not backwards. 

*Perfect is not who I am, striving ever so, however never near.