There’s something more

So daring so enticing so much she could have all surrounding that lovely body she possesses within every sun that rises and every sun that sets 

Her body is perfect, her soul is fierce, her heart so big, her thoughts constant; Never ceasing and never slowing 

The curves around her waist the hair that surrounds her face; everything shaped, molded and refined from the heavens above 

Surely, life could be good to her, she’ll stay on track. For what was given to her, she has received and what she received is what she gave. 

She’s lost then found and lost again. Never ending progression and the never ending degrees of slopes, all the while she unknowningly gets up from her bed, brushes her teeth that seem to keep the same yellowing color, dressed into the fabric of her worn clothes that doesn’t show too much or show too little, adds color to her face and goes into the world with a smile on her face, without judgement in her eyes and solitude within her thoughts, sadness to keep her mild and gratitude to keep her going. 

God has treated her well despite the challenges that she faces; she knows the unmistakable truth, the seemingly unseen fortuity in which she gets to enjoy and hold precious in the moment of her specific blessings & gifts before life conducts a misleading and unexpected woe. 

She creates her own appreciation, her own strength, her own belief that there’s more to herself than herself, there’s more to people than people, there’s more to this world than the world, there’s more to the moon than the moon and the sun that sets. 

and then there He was...

leaning to give the most unmistakable reach.