It is not apparent to us how hard we really truly have it as humans living in the mortal life with mortal bodies minds. Not only are we all subjects to fragility of what this world can do to our bodies, minds, hearts, desires and futures, but the temptation, the lure, the entrapment, the risk, the rebellious spirit of Satan. 

We were born into life forgetting the complete and supposed awe-defying existence we had before; growing into a body as mortal and fragile as a tree that could turn into ash within seconds; growing into a mind brought by the dependency upon our upbringing, biologically- by our hereditary lineage and succumbed to the nature of what we choose or don’t choose to feed our minds; growing into our agency by the choice of learning right and wrong or not having a choice due to the ever-growing risk of becoming victimized by another’s agency. 

Surprisingly, humans have survived despite all the unknowns, risks and factors that may be pending or have already ensued. 

I and many others are well aware of this fight. However, how unaware are we?

The life before us and after us must be exquisitely, exhaustingly, miraculously, magnificently, utterly opposite- so much that our mortal brains can not take it, comprehend it, compare it, feel it, understand it, trust it, hold to it, see it. 

It is a divide. 

Divide of an opposite.

We must be so unaware of what opposite this entails. So unaware how desensitized we have become forgetting the life before us and growing into this world as if we were meant to be here forever; that it stops here. 

Our mortal understanding is so limited, so sparse, so inaccurate to the point that we doubt anything we can’t see, we can’t hear, at times we can’t feel and we can’t know. 

We must be so unaware. 

Unaware of how tough we actually have it. Unaware of Satan’s creeping and contestant prowl. 
Unaware of what perfect opposite truly is. 

Mystery always will lay awake until it unfolds beyond what we’ve logically  mustered.