Welcome back.

New found journey- get back to my home; heaven. 

I will strive to live according to His will. I am weak, I am carnal, I am flawed. 

Forgive me.

I will move mountains to clear my path back to thee. I am also strong. 

Uplift me. 

I will dedicate my time and talents to provide comfort to those in need of light. I am able. 

Bless me. 

I will feed my hungry soul with goodness and starve my pain with delight. I can fight. 

Believe me. 

I will come to know my place to take up the empty space. I am willing. 

Love me. 

I will think of others more often than not. I am tender. 

Strengthen me. 

I will burden my worries and wants with contentment and satisfaction. I am meek.

Find me. 

I will give thee thanks to where and who I’ve come across. I am going. 

Release me. 

I will love who I am, what I am, where I am and why I am. I am. 

Comfort me. 

I will put more trust in thee with the infinite troubles this life manifests. I am trusting. 

Trust me. 

I will come to know thee more by being watchful and attentive to thy works. I am gifted. 

Know me. 

I will do and never stop doing what I came here to do. I am doing. 

Teach me. 

I will come back. I am here. 

Welcome me. 


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