We run the demons down with our courage and fight 

We stand firm against the opposition with all our might 

To the heavens up high and the ground below we are only human, don’t you know 

I smile when I climb up from every rising sun, down to the sun setting evening to call it done 

Fancy clothes, you won’t find, because it’s not my time to dress in luxury with my dime

Nice cars, I know not, for I care more about what I fought 

Big home with big land, I do not have to own, for I have another place that I call home

We are as tall as the mountains pushed out from the ground to look at what’s lurking in the shadows unfound 

We live on after the mess one man made and on to the next one until the last one fades

We are the light that shines brighter each day, as we hold onto each other within the grey 

I’ll be your speck of light in the deep dark night to help you with your fight

For as little as I get back, I am here standing tall in hopes to never fall short or crack

For as little as I earn, I am here for you to learn

I am built as a man with flaws and all, but When I run to help, I will not let you fall

Who am I?